IDA’s core business is the provision of wholesale capital solutions to development clients. With a proven track record of delivering accretive and innovative financial solutions to development clients IDA is a much sought-after investment partner for participants in the Australian real estate development sector.


IDA Property Partners (“IPP”) is the principal investment arm of IDA Property Group. IPP underwrites, co-invests, syndicates and manages investment in real estate development projects as a principal investment partner adding value through active participation in the strategic oversight of projects combined with an intensive focus on risk and capital management.


IDA Property Finance (“IPF”) is the project finance and lending arm of IDA Property Group. IPF underwrites and/or arranges structured debt-based financial solutions for real estate development projects in and around Australia. 

IPF offers innovative and cost-effective capital solutions which it is able to do through its innate understanding of real estate and finance as both a borrower and lender in its own right as well as advisor to third party clients on several large scale development projects.